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Feeling the Love – Bespoked 2019

Wow, our experiences at the Bristol Bespoked Bike Show went above and beyond what we could have ever hoped for!

We met so many amazing members of the public who connected with our vision of sustainably-made bicycles and shared their feedback with us. Thanks to your votes BEAMZ Bikes was the runner-up in the public vote at the show! Needless to say all of us in the team are chuffed to bits with this accolade, and we’ll do our very best to try and go one better next year!

Nick and Sarah with our rosette for Runner-Up in the Public Vote

We were also quickly integrated into the very generous community of framebuilders and general cycling enthusiasts who were presenting at the show. Particular thanks to Rudie from The Imagine Project with (website)Isla Bikes and Jon and Rob from Starling Cycles.

We had a chance encounter with a journalist who gave this particularly memorable quote upon finding our stand: “When I come to these shows, I am looking for a little bit of magic, and I think I just found it”. Who knows maybe BEAMZ will be in the press sometime soon.

The talks were continiously inspiring and interesting, and next year we hope to return and perhaps do a talk of our own.

Finally, thanks to Phil, Tangwyn and team for putting on such a memorable event…I’ll get whittling some more business sticks in anticipation!

Business card or Business Stick?

Now it is time to build some bikes!

Ready for the way home, now this frame needs some components put on it!

Bristol Bespoked Bike Show 2019 is here

The time has come, Bristol Bespoked Bike Show is upon us! Yesterday was a fabulous day meeting members of the press in the morning and then the public in the afternoon. It was a hectic whirl of intriguing questions and more compliments than we could have ever wished for! Today is meant to be even busier, we can’t wait!

There was also a really interesting talk on sustainability, and we’ll write a blog post at a later date to discuss some of the important points raised.

Below is a picture of the fabulous ladies bike frame which Nick & everyone finished in time for the show. We are also lucky enough to have Wilf’s Brown Bike on the stand and have found this very useful in sharing the message that our bikes are durable given its three year use and that it still looks like new! Also, we are very proud of the stand which Geoff has put together from local wood…only 12 nails and some string are used, no glue in the entire stand!

Look forwards to perhaps seeing some of you at the show today or tomorrow!

Geoff and the finished bike stand

A Happy Customer

It has been three years since Wilf received the ‘Brown Bike’ from us. He has kindly provided us with a review of his experience over this time. We are grateful not just for these words, but also for the number of miles he has clocked up on his bike, giving us increased confidence in our products.

A key phrase that stood out for us and really vindicates our use of wood is “It is undoubtedly the smoothest and most comfortable ride I have ever owned”.

So, in the words of Wilf, here is the full review:

“I feel very lucky to be the first customer to be able to buy a Beamz bike and over the 3 winters and 2 summers that I have used it I have been incredibly happy with it.

I am principally a utility cyclist, from an early age cycling gave me the freedom to visit my friends and explore my neighbourhood. The bike still gives me that freedom. Although I love bikes I’m not sure that I would identify as a cyclist, after all I have always been able to resist the n+1 urge, only ever owning 2 bikes at a time, so in the event of breakdown I have a plan B to enable me to carry on my journeys. Currently my other cycle is a longtail cargo bike.

The bike that my Beamz replaces is a much loved Orange P7 that I had had built up as a drop bar commuter bike with disks. Unfortunately after 15 years of great service it was stolen. Looking to replace it I wanted another comfortable forgiving frame, with plenty of character. When I first built up the Orange a drop bar bike with disks was an oddity, when looking to replace it it was obvious that I could now buy a direct equivalent off the shelf. This didn’t appeal to my individualistic side, I usually want something that others don’t have, and to help move things forward rather than just repeating what has gone before. It was whilst looking for this replacement that I came across Nick and his Beamz bikes. The environmental credentials of the bikes appealed to me and the fact that my daily commute took me to within about half a mile of him meant that as the first customer he could keep a good eye on the bike as it racked up 80 miles a week on my way too and from work, so we could learn what elements worked as they were and what needed improving.

When you first get on the bike you are aware that it is not like everything else. It has more of a feeling of life and flow to it than you get on most bikes, particularly when compared with a lifeless aluminium frame. After a few minutes of use you notice that whilst you can still feel the road there is no harshness in that feeling, the irritating road buzz is mainly gone. It is undoubtedly the smoothest and most comfortable ride I have ever owned, you can feel what you need to know what you are riding on, without feeling every pebble. In the first few months of use there were the inevitable teething problems you get with any new product that is just one iteration away from the prototypes, but if anything they have reinforced my faith in the building technology. When I have had vital components fail on other frames they have tended to fail suddenly and catastrophically, with no warning. When the Beamz had a problem there were clear warnings that something was wrong and it was possible to safely stop and dismount. Over the first few thousand miles a couple of changes needed to the jointing technique were identified and implemented. These lessons will be incorporated in future frames. One of the questions that people initially asked about the bike is ‘what are you going to ride in the winter/rain’. From 3 winters of use I can say that I’ll carry on riding the Beamz thank you very much – as you can see from the frame on show here with just a wipe down to get the road muck off the bike still looks unmarked by riding through all weathers. If anyone asks me if I would recommend a Beamz frame I would give an unequivocal yes, with the single caveat not to buy one unless you are happy to stop and talk about it on a daily basis!”

Wilf & his ‘Brown Bike’


BEAMZ is back!

BEAMZ is back. After a two year hiatus due to other commitments, we are going to be presenting at the Bristol Bespoke Bike Show 2019 including our new wooden frame design.

Over the past six months we have kick-started this project again. Some new faces have appeared and are lending a hand too. Geoff from Bristol has been helping with improving some of our tooling and processes, whilst David has been helping Sarah and I with the manufacture of the latest bicycle frame. This frame is yet to be named, but is inspired from all the comments we received demanding a ladies bike frame in wood. So here it is, made of birch tubes and willow stays, only awaiting a final sand, its coat of osmo oil protection, and perhaps a bit of pyrography!

BEAMZ Ladies bike frame (unfinished)

The Bike show runs from Friday 4th May to Sunday 6th May. Entrance is free on Friday afternoon, so hopefully see some of you there!