Bristol Bespoked Bike Show 2019 is here

The time has come, Bristol Bespoked Bike Show is upon us! Yesterday was a fabulous day meeting members of the press in the morning and then the public in the afternoon. It was a hectic whirl of intriguing questions and more compliments than we could have ever wished for! Today is meant to be even busier, we can’t wait!

There was also a really interesting talk on sustainability, and we’ll write a blog post at a later date to discuss some of the important points raised.

Below is a picture of the fabulous ladies bike frame which Nick & everyone finished in time for the show. We are also lucky enough to have Wilf’s Brown Bike on the stand and have found this very useful in sharing the message that our bikes are durable given its three year use and that it still looks like new! Also, we are very proud of the stand which Geoff has put together from local wood…only 12 nails and some string are used, no glue in the entire stand!

Look forwards to perhaps seeing some of you at the show today or tomorrow!

Geoff and the finished bike stand