Energy use pie chart

Professor David McKay (Author of Sustainable Energy Without the Hot Air) states that the largest contribution to our wasteful use of energy is embodied energy in the products we buy.

Energy use explained through the medium of Pizza
Substituting a BEAMZ natural hardwood pole for an aluminium tube in a structure saves 10 to 15 times as much energy compared to burning the wood as fuel.
Every kilogram of BEAMZ used in place of aluminium saves 5kg of carbon in the atmosphere.
Compared to timber, BEAMZ grows in a much shorter timescale and requires far less energy to harvest, transport and process.

Embodied Energy

Embodied energy is the energy cost of making a material.  Figures can vary according to the source.

Professor David McKay of Cambridge University in his book ‘Sustainable Energy Without the Hot Air’  states that embodied energy in the ‘stuff’ that we buy is one of the most significant sources of our personal energy use.

Professor Hammond and Dr Jones are at Bath University and Howarth et al, Manchester University.

Sustainably engineered bicycles