BEAMZ is hardwood but in a form which has been optimised for strength by nature. The poles are small hardwood tree stems from which the bark has been removed and which have been dried and treated.

We are most familiar with wood in the form of timber. Timber is sawn wood from much older trees. BEAMZ is stronger than timber, because the fibre structure of the wood is always continuous from end to end. In timber a 10 degree misalignment between the grain and the axis of a plank can cause a 40% reduction in strength. Where knots occur in BEAMZ they are perpendicular to the surface, and the structure of the tree creates a bulge around the knot which naturally reinforces the stem. In timber, a knot running across the surface will render a plank structurally useless.

The strength of wood in this form can be appreciated just by looking at a magnificant tree.  Furthermore when green wood is dried, it loses about half it’s weight, whilst it’s strength almost doubles.

BEAMZ have developed the technology to remove the bark without damaging the outer layer of wood. This layer not only contributes to the strength, but is also responsible for the unique beauty and feel of BEAMZ products.

BEAMZ have also developed the technology to create hollow poles. These are ideal for light weight structures, and simplify and accelerate the drying process.

Processes have been designed to join the poles in a way which transmits the full load carrying capability of the BEAMZ material using natural fibres, contributing further to the sustainability of our products.

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