At BEAMZ we use Coppice Woodland poles to create our high performance bicycles.

Coppice Woodland poles are young tree stems. After the pole is harvested, the stump sprouts another batch of stems making our material supply truly sustainable.

When skinned and dried, weight for weight these poles have structural properties of strength and stiffness comparable with materials with a far higher embodied energy such as metals and composites.

These poles are made into high performance engineering products with a unique natural beauty and feel.

Coppice management of woodland is acknowledged as being excellent for sustaining wildlife diversity.


Local engineering needs are fulfilled as locally grown materials are worked by local people, thereby ‘reshoring’ many high wellbeing craftsmanship jobs.

About 50% of the weight of the wood is carbon, removed from the atmosphere and sequestered as the tree grows, for the life of the product.

BEAMZ. Looking after the planet.


Sustainably engineered bicycles