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To create from hardwood... beautiful, high-performance bicycles in a sustainable, environmentally friendly and inclusive way.

Three Positive Impacts
Climate Change, Wildlife Diversity and Wellbeing

A Bike For Life
7 Reasons a BEAMZ bike can help you help the planet

about wood, environmental benefits, and BEAMZ

High-performance, unique, sustainable, a joy to ride, warm, and beautiful - captures carbon and your imagination.

These three positive impacts drive the positive philosophy behind BEAMZ.

You can have any design you like on your wooden bike.

The Bug Bike is a perfect example of nature and art in unison.

Our unique de-barking process revealed tracks made by a beetle larvae which lived under the bark. These are now visible on the surface of the poles.

This inspired the graphics, designed and applied via pyrography by Emma Coates.

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Wood on Wheels - The Story Behind BEAMZ

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BEAMZ Classic Hybrid

Perfect companion across any terrain, ideal for town and country.

From £1000

BEAMZ Classic Urban

Rugged town bike, ideal for the commuter and local shopping trips.

From £1000