Customise Your BEAMZ

All of our bicycles are made to order. No wooden bike is the same. It really is your bike.

The bikes below are used every day. One has covered 5,000 miles over three years during a commute to work.

Cover photo by Ben Broomfield

The Bug Bike

The ‘Bug Bike’ was inspired by a set of poles with a naturally highly textured underbark structure which was revealed intact by our unique de-barking process.

Tracks visible on the surface of the poles were made by a beetle larvae which lived under the bark.

This inspired the graphics, designed and applied via pyrography by Emma Coates (for her website click here ).

As you can see below there is plenty of space on the frame for designs to be added.

You can have anything you like. If it can be engraved into wood then there is no limit to your creativity.

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The Bug Bike - art by Emma Coates, photo by Ben Broomfield


Ideal for town and country, perfect companion across any terrain.

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Rugged yet stylish town bike, ideal for the commuter and local shopper

From £1000...