BEAMZ is proud to announce that one of bikes is the centrepiece of the Southampton Sporterium and was delivered to Chris Rees in Hoglands Park

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BEAMZ Bike For Rees Leisure's Sporterium

The Southampton Sportarium is a brand new event for 2021 that will be bringing a festival of cycling to Southampton.

BEAMZ are very excited about this and give it our full support.

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A Day Of Epic City Cycling on Saturday 4th September 2021

Cycling has been found to have an anti-ageing effect on the body which appears to extend to the immune system.

BEAMZ' Sarah Coates explores the findings...

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Immunity and the skeleton: The Health Benefits Of Regular Cycling

We’re delighted to announce that BEAMZ Trust CIC is a named supporter of Terra Carta, the environmental vision launched by HRH The Prince of Wales on 11th January 2021

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BEAMZ Becomes Named Supporter of Prince Charles’ Terra Carta

Written and researched by BEAMZ founder and director Nick Coates this blog charts his research into discovering the CO2 equivalent of aluminium, and uncover how much CO2 is produced during its manufacturing.

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#CO2 #Aluminium

In this blog about his cycling youth BEAMZ director Hugh Milner talks about his adventures on a bicycle, the joy of travelling under your own steam, and that no matter where you work (almost) cycling lets you see the world.

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We always thought BEAMZ was forward thinking but we didn't expect that wood technology would become part of space exploration.

According to this article: "Wooden satellites would burn up without releasing harmful substances into the atmosphere or raining debris on the ground when they plunge back to Earth."

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#WoodenSatellites #SpaceJunk

Two stories to report in this blog. Both involve the effective environmental impact is having on children, and both should shake us into action, yet with everything else that is going on inaction still seems to be the response from many. [read more here]

Admittedly this was in 2019 at Bespoked, but you've got to celebrate the good news and we were delighted that Nick received this accolade from the exhibitors, who wrote...

"This week we meet Nick Coates of Beamz, possibly the only framebuilder making bikes from coppiced woodland poles. A truly sustainable material, these poles are made into high performance bicycles with a unique natural beauty and feel. "

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Is Carbon Capture Now Essential?

There is some hope in this article, but if carbon capture has become vital, then protecting a woods and forests is essential, and the BEAMZ project can help be part of the solution.

"Randers says it’s urgent that larger organizations, like NASA and NOAA, check that their climate models address the self-sustained melting he and Goluke saw in their model. “Their models are much bigger than ours, and may reveal counteracting forces that can stop the melting we observe,” he says. " Read more here...


Bike Security Gets Tracking

Interesting story here from the BBC News website about protecting bicycles using technology and great service. The team at BEAMZ is also working on security methods to ensure that your wooden bike remains yours forever. More details to follow, sign up to the mailing list for regular updates.

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Our experiences at the Bristol Bespoked Bike Show went above and beyond what we could have ever hoped for!

“When I come to these shows, I am looking for a little bit of magic, and I think I just found it” [Read more...]


Nick and Sarah with our rosette for Runner-Up in the Public Vote

At BEAMZ, we have a vision:

“To create beautiful, high performance, bespoke bicycles from wood in a sustainable, environmentally friendly and inclusive way.”

Wood on Wheels

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