Health Benefits Of Regular Cycling

Immunity and the skeleton: The Health Benefits Of Regular Cycling

Cycling has been found to have an anti-ageing effect on the body which appears to extend to the immune system.

BEAMZ' Sarah Coates explores the findings...

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February 26th 2021

A five year study by the University of Glasgow found that commuters who cycled to work had a 45% lower risk of developing cancer than those who drove or took public transport. (20th April 2017).

The above study showed a significant increase in immunity related to commuting to work by cycling, which significantly outweighed the hazards of cycling.

Keeping It Moderate: Keeping Immune

Regular moderate exercise such as cycling, may help towards boosting your immunity and could help protect you from the severe form of COVID-19.

This form of COVID-19 has been linked to an exaggerated and long lasting inflammatory response, an active skeletal muscle provides you with anti-inflammatory protection.

An active muscle brings many benefits for different body organs and tissues, including the immune system.

Many studies have shown the importance of regular exercise and physical activity in increasing the body’s ability to fight opportunistic infections, as well as a strategy to fight established diseases.

Can exercise affect immune function to increase susceptibility to infection?

(Richard J. Simpson1, John P. Campbell2, Maree Gleeson3, Karsten Krüger4, David C. Nieman5, David B. Pyne6, James E. Turner2, & Neil P. Walsh7) 30th March 2020.

Your Body Heals Itself

This interaction was mainly attributed to the glutamine, a non-essential amino acid produced by the active skeletal muscle and primarily consumed by rapidly dividing cells, including lymphocytes and monocytes/macrophages, as their main source of energy.

Therefore, these cells function would be significantly improved by the presence of a bigger glutamine pool.

The presence of cytokines is crucial for a proper immune system function.

Many of them have well established pro inflammatory properties, while others are known for their anti-inflammatory role.

Interleukin-6 (IL-6), however, has been in the centre of many scientific discussions since it can act as pro- and anti-inflammatory cytokine depending on the tissue that releases it.

Skeletal muscle is an essential source of (IL-6) with anti-inflammatory properties, regulating the function of the immune cells after tissue injury and the healing process.

What Could Make You Happier? A Wooden Bike

The joy of wood is known to bring wellbeing to those who work in forestry and in the workshops. There is something about its tactile nature and energy that makes people feel content.

Through the reaction of BEAMZ customers we seeing this feeling transfer to riders of our wooden bikes. They too experience joy when riding their BEAMZ bike.

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About BEAMZ Trust CIC

The BEAMZ Urban next to Southampton Walls and West Quay shopping centre.

The BEAMZ Urban next to Southampton Walls and West Quay shopping centre.

BEAMZ Trust CIC is a Social Enterprise based in Southampton, which is developing innovative methods of using locally grown hardwood poles as a structural material that can replace unsustainable alternatives such as metals and composites.

Working initially to produce bicycles, we are putting wood head to head with the best materials available.

Undertaking this development under the auspices of a not-for-profit social enterprise enables us to create three positive impacts.

1. Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions to reduce climate change,

2. Support for wildlife diversity, by encouraging sustainable wood production through coppice working,

3. Provision of high wellbeing employment and volunteering positions, from working in woods and with wood, and working to “make a difference”.

BEAMZ aims to demonstrate that high-performance products can be created, not simply at a reduced cost to the environment and society, but the production process will create positive benefits for individuals and communities alike.

At BEAMZ, we have a vision:

“To create beautiful, high performance, bespoke bicycles from wood in a sustainable, environmentally friendly and inclusive way.”

High performance, unique, warm, beautiful and sustainable.

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