Rees Leisure's BEAMZ Bike

BEAMZ are proud to be the centrepiece for the Southampton Sporterium 2021

With 10,000 spectators expected, and 100's of cyclists competing in a variety of races around Southampton city centre and out into the beautiful Hampshire countryside, BEAMZ are delighted to announce that we have been chosen as a centrepiece for the 2021 Southampton Sporterium.

It is a mobile piece of art and I love it!!

Nick Coates of BEAMZ & Chris Rees of Ress Leisure in Hoglands park for the presentation.

Nick Coates of BEAMZ & Chris Rees (right) of Ress Leisure in Hoglands Park for the presentation.

"I am so excited about this! I felt 5 years old again!!"

That was the reaction of Chris Rees following the first ride on his BEAMZ bike.

Made from 7 different Hampshire woods and to Chris' measurements it was bound to hit the mark, however we didn't expect him to be so delighted:

"It is a mobile piece of art and I love it!!", said Chris

BEAMZ' founder Nick Coates is equally enthusiastic about this local partnership.

"Through his company Rees Leisure, and by staging events like the Southampton marathon and Sporterium, Chris has shone a very positive spotlight onto the city. For BEAMZ bikes to be a centrepiece of the 2021 Sporterium is a fantastic honour."

What is a Sporterium?

Potentially a word made up by Chris but in essence it's a day of cycling races involving two disciplines.

The city centre racing, or Criterium, involves a short 1.4 km circuit on the edge of the parks with the start/finish in the Guild Hall Square.

For those who prefer long racing during the day there are two races that make use of the wonderful Hampshire scenery are the 60km and 100km Sportives.

BEAMZ Will have a stand in the City Centre during the day and you'll be able to see and feel the bikes for yourself.

A Bike of Seven Woods

There are seven different woods involved in making the Rees Leisure bike.

  • Hawthorn - Stays

  • Ash - Seat tube

  • Birch -Top and down tubes, front folks, handle bars

  • Beech - Stem and Steerer

  • Oak - Bearing covers

  • Willow - Cable guides

  • Elm - Bottom bracket

Covered and protected by Hampshire hemp oil and wrapped with twine and sliver hemp (imported).

Have A Good Look At The Bike...

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