Join The Waiting List

Join The Waiting List

The first set of bikes (No's 10 to 50) are expected to be available in Spring 2021.

If you want to guarantee an early serial number you can put down a deposit, or pay for the bicycle in full - use this form

To join the queue after those who have provided some funds you can join the waiting list.

It's a first come first served and you will be assigned a number after the pre-orders have been completed.

If you would like to guarantee having one of the first bicycles.

The BEAMZ Classics are the first two versions of the bicycle. Both ideal for the urban setting but with the hybrid also suited to cross country.

Both come withy personally selected components that have been chosen for their durability, standard fittings and competitive price.


Ideal for town and country, perfect companion across any terrain.

From £1000...


Rugged town bike, ideal for the commuter and local shopper

From £1000...